Introducing Gerry Ffrench

“Gerry Ffrench is a remarkable singer/songwriter from Liverpool. With her musical feet firmly in the tradition she writes and performs superb songs that have a sense of story and reality. She is also an accomplished guitar and banjo player; it’s a compelling combination.”
Phil Beer. Germany September 2018.

About Gerry

Winner of Folk Northwest Magazine’s talent showcase at Costa del Folk Portugal in October 2017, Gerry is one of the finest singer songwriters working in the Northwest today. Her Liverpool-Irish roots have helped nurture a wonderful performer, writer and recording artist of rich contemporary folk music.

With their strong local flavour, Gerry’s own songs make many references to Liverpool’s maritime history while their style is firmly rooted in traditional folk and shanty. Now she is embarked on a mission to record and celebrate a way of life which has all but disappeared from Liverpool and every other major seaport. The hard lives of the sailors’ wives have never been fully given a voice in the same way that the lives of their husbands and sons were; Gerry’s songs such as The Other Maggie May, When the Wind Blows Up From The Mersey and of course Cunard Yanks – do just that, telling the stories of the wives and the families left behind.

A regular performer in the Northwest, Gerry is a musician with a great voice who is in demand at festivals and live venues across Merseyside and the UK. Holland, Ireland and Costa del Folk – in both Ibiza and Portugal – have now been added to her list of Festival destinations. Her appeal is growing as her own songs and stories are played out in her very popular live performances.

Latest News

Following her success at Costa del Folk in 2017,  Gerry has performed at The Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room,The Floral Pavilion New Brighton  and she has  co hosted an edition of BBC Radio Merseyside’s Folkscene, which is the longest running specialist music programme on air!  A regular performer on local radio, she is about to appear for the fourth time on The Weekend Inn at BBC Radio Merseyside, with local musician and radio legend Billy Maher.

Gerry’s third studio album “Rivercity Echoes” is in final stages of production at Angel Valve Studios Birkenhead. It will contain  thirteen songs:  ten brand new compositions and three re recordings of popular songs from her live set which are no longer available on record.

The bookings for next year are now coming in and include a gig at the English Folk Music Club at the Costa Blanca Spain in September 2019. It’s a beautiful part of the world, but Gerry is equally at home in the lovely folk clubs of the North of England.


My Brothers Shoes (EP) 2014 – SOLD OUT

My Brother’s Shoes
When Paddy Came Marching Home
The Liverpool Irish
The Thingummybob Girls    

Released in Autumn 2015, and Gerry’s first foray into recording, it contains four of Gerry’s poignant songs of War. The eponymous My Brother’s Shoes was inspired by a pair of combat boots left at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC by a veteran of the war. The boots appear on the cover of the CD.

Rivercityology CD 2016 (£9.99)

Released in 2016, it contains eight of Gerry’s own songs about life in the city and Gerry’s arrangement of the traditional Irish song My Laggan Love which was popular in her live performances. Put together like a live set, it mixes hard hitting songs such as Docker’s Pen and its historical context, with light hearted songs such as Cunard Yanks or The Claims Solicitor which has a totally contemporary message.

The River Song
The Calm Before The Storm
The Docker’s Pen
Summer In The City
Riverside Drive
The Claims Solicitor
The Liverpool Irish
My Laggan Love
Cunard Yanks

Take a look at the review of Rivercityology in Buzz Magazine

Review by Pete Massey in Folk Northwest Magazine

This a really good album from Gerry Ffrench who, at this moment in time, is a little known artiste outside of Merseyside. However, I have a feeling this may all soon change as her fame spreads.

Once again, I am reminded how many really good talented performers we have on Dee & Merseyside. How lucky I am to live here.  In a fairer world we should be seeing Gerry on the BBC2 folk awards, – but may never happen.

Gerry is a real folk singer – songwriter from Liverpool, and just as Jess Lowe takes his inspirations for his songs from the northeast, Gerry takes hers from Merseyside. On this album Gerry sings her own songs with honesty and feeling. The songs are well crafted with lyrics that are clear. Even if you don’t live in this area, you are sure to find them interesting.

Gerry wrote all the songs on the album, apart from one, which is a traditional Irish ballad. She accompanies her self on guitar and banjo nicely, keeping the accompaniment to a minimum and its tastefully done. One other thing I liked about this album. This is how Gerry sounds ‘live’ – so should you go to one of her performances you won’t be disappointed.

The play list…

  1. The River Song – A song of hope.
  2. The Calm Before The Storm – Songs reflects feelings before the Great War
  3. The Dockers Pen – A song about the hardship and employment Liverpool Dockers’ had to endure
  4. Summer in the City – A romantic look at today’s Liverpool in the summer
  5. Riverside Drive – Another romantic look at the Mersey on a nice day
  6. The Claims Solicitor – A comic song about the claims process solicitors make money out of
  7. The Liverpool Irish – A lament about the Irish Battalion of the Kings Liverpool Regiment who fought in the Great War in 1916.
  8. My Laggan Love – Traditional Irish ballad
  9. Cunard Yanks – A nickname given to the guys who worked for Cunard on the transatlantic run. They brought back with them many things that were not yet available here, including American Records (Many of the Merseyside bands got hold off, including The Beatles, and took inspiration from and developed ‘the Mersey beat’ sound back in the 60’s)

I enjoyed this album. There is no ‘album fodder’ on it. A pity there is only 9 tracks. However, Gerry also has an EP with 4 tracks on it called * My Brothers Shoes *. I recommend if you seek out this album you get the EP as well.

Gerry will be appearing at the Wirral Folk Festival at Ellesmere Port in June, and later on in the year on 12th Sept at The Mucky Duck Folk Club in Ewloe.

Catch Gerry’s act if you can. She is an artiste that is on the way up!

Love In A Box (EP) 2016 (£2.99)

Released at Christmas 2016 this contains three of Gerry’s popular Christmas songs. Love in A Box was initially written for the Wirral Christmas Shoebox Appeal Charity. Days of Grace celebrates love in later life while Christmas in The Holy Land harks back to a recent past recalling Christmas savings clubs, and Tonnies (tontines) but mentions several other parts of the city besides the legendary “Holy Land” in the DIngle!

Love In A Box
Days of Grace
Christmas in The Holy Land

Over Sea Under Stars (CD) 2017 (£9.99)

Recorded over the course of a year as the songs were written, this album contains eleven of Gerry’s self penned tunes, and one re arrangement of The Lowlands of Holland, a traditional Irish song.

I was Born in the Holy Land
The Other Maggie May
The Caged Linnet
The Liverpool Girl
It Was Never Like Downton Abbey
The Scaler Lad
Lowlands of Holland
The Gunner’s Prayer
When The Wind Blows Up From The Mersey
My Cheatin Heart
Over Sea Under Stars

Sleeve Notes from Over Sea Under Stars

I was Born in The Holy Land.  Moses, David, Isaac and Jacob Streets are known affectionately in the Southend of Liverpool as “The Holy Land” and in a city where family ties are sacred the Holy Land maintains a reputation for being particularly clannish. Despite the surrounding streets having been flattened for redevelopment, the Holy Land remains, a reminder of a way of life which has all but disappeared.

The Other Maggie May   Challenged by John Coleman to re write the traditional Scouse anthem, this song tells the story from Maggie’s point of view. Based on the traditional tune it tells the story of what happened to the young girl who was deserted and left to the mercy of a hard world, describing the events which turned a good girl to the bad.

The Caged Linnet. Between 1645 and 1650, the English under Cromwell transported about 50,000 Irish people, mostly women and children whose only crime was to be related to a rebel. They were used as indentured workers (and sometimes “comfort women” ) in the tobacco plantations of Barbados and Virginia. (See Hell or Barbados by Sean Callaghan)

The Liverpool Girl is the story of an old salt whose home is the sea. He looks back on a life e spent wandering freely, and only “allows his heart to break” late at night, when he yearns for the Liverpool girl who once loved him in his youth; maybe she wasn’t unlike Maggie May?

The Lowlands of Holland (trad) This version of a popular folk song from the Napoleonic Wars shares a tune with The Boys of Wexford. The latter was a rallying tune a hundred years ago, for the Liverpool Irish during the bad old days of sectarianism in the city. The tune was also known as The Flight of the Earls.

The Scaler Lad. When steam replaced sail, one of the maintenance jobs that had to be done was the de scaling of the steam boilers in the ships’ engine rooms. Little boys were the only ones small enough to climb inside the boilers and it was a dangerous, unpleasant job. This song tells the tale of hapless Johnny who graduated from being a scaler lad to becoming a trimmer; an equally dehumanising occupation, trimming coal to the stokers in the boiler room. The tune is based on the traditional folk song : The Sailor’s Life .

It Was Never Like Downton Abbey Harry Smith, a wonderful gentleman and nonagenarian was the inspiration for this song . When he spoke at the Labour Party Conference a few years ago, he used this phrase. Point of fact : £25 per annum (yes per year!) was the usual wage for a housemaid a hundred years ago.

The Gunner’s Prayer Is a song dedicated to the brave men of the Arctic Convoys of WWII.

Lampedusa Tells the true story of a fisherman in Lampedusa who went to the rescue of a boat load of refugees which sank in the Mediterranean. The women and children were below decks and the men above when the boat sank suddenly. It is a tragedy which continues to be played out again and again out there on the high seas.

When The Wind Blows Up From The Mersey Describes a way of life long gone ; from the point of view of the wife left behind who never knew whether her sailor Johnny was going to come home to her or be tempted by an easier life with another woman in America (or anywhere abroad)   In houses with no bathroom, men often shaved at the sink in the kitchen… as the song describes…. And here’s brief Glossary

The Husky – is Huskisson Dock
The Maurie – what RMS Mauretania was called by locals.                                                                                                             Blind Scouse is vegetable stew without any meat, eaten during hard times.                                                                                            Jars Out – celebrations with alcohol
The Throstles – The Throstle’s Nest Public house on Scotland Road Liverpool
Scotty Road – Scotland Road Liverpool.

My Cheating Heart Liverpool took Country and Western music to its heart; popularised   by the Cunard Yanks in the fifties who brought home the music from America. The tales of hard lives and broken hearts sung by Williams, Cash and Cline resonated with the people of the city. This song, inspired of course by the fabulous old Hank Williams classic, tells the story of a lady whose constant companion in her chaotic love life is her cheating heart.

Over Sea Under Stars An instrumental tune inspired by my Father’s birthplace, Shell Cottage on the cliffs in Cullenstown, Bannow County Wexford.

Forthcoming Gigs

January 2018
27th Folk Northwest’s 40th Anniversary celebration.  In Haigh Hall, WIgan, supporting Merry Hell,Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe. For tickets, contact me.
28th  Wallasey Folk Club, Spire Coffee Shop, Breck Road, Wallasey  CH44 3BD

February 2018
12th  Mucky Duck Eweloe, North Wales. Tickets  £4.00 on the Door
9th   RNLI Benefit, Frodsham Community Association. (Sold Out)
16th Shanties and Songs of the Sea. Bridge Inn Port Sunlight, WIrral. 23rd-25th Deunen & Deinen, Enkhuizen Holland.
Floral Pavilion New Brighton, with Port Sunlight Seadogs and Friends.

March 2018
2nd Northwich Folk Club. The Harlequin Theatre, Northwich CW9 5JN
13th Louth Folk Club,  in the Brown Cow Pub, Louth, Lincolnshire.
16th Floral Pavilion New Brighton With Port Sunlight Seadogs and Friends.
20th Maghull Folk Club

April 2018
26th – May 2nd Costa del Folk Ibiza

May 2018
13th Sailortown Maritime Festival, Fleetwood (contact
24th Hungry Horse Folk Club, with Port Sunlight Seadogs.
Friday 18th Thornton Hough with Tennessee Waltz and The Remnants. Tickets on the door.
Thursday 24th Hungry Horse Folk CLub with Port Sunlight Seadogs and Friends. Tickets on the door.
Tall Ships Festival
Saturday 26th 4 pm. On board the Malouine in the Albert Dock (its the Irish Stage for the Tall Ships Festival)
Sunday 27th Folk in the Park, Vale Park, New Brighton Prom with Yesterday’s Men (12.00 onwards. (Free)

June 2018
29th Philharmonic Music Room. With Port Sunlight Seadogs and Friends.

August 2018
24th Onboard the Daniel Adamson with various old salts and Port Sunlight Seadogs.

September 2018
8th Diggers Festival Wigan
13th Louth Folk Club, Lincolnshire.

October 2018
5th – 7th Edgeworth Folk Festival at the Barlow.
9th – 16th Costa del Folk Portugal
19th Frodsham Folk Club
25th Liverpool Irish Festival Seisun @ Everyman 2.30pm

November 2018
23rd Bollington Folk Club

December 2018
10th Dingle History Group at the Alfred Stocks Centre, Dingle Lane Liverpool
14th Gary and Vera’s Christmas Do, Westhoughton Folk Club, Long Island, Westhoughton, Bolton BL5 2BR


January 2019 
2nd Grateful Fred’s Acoustic Night at the Atkinson Southport. With The Jaywalkers.
18th Heswall Folk Club, Gayton Playing Fields, Off Brimstage Road, Heswall
20th – The Wooden Horse Folk Club, Rainford WA11 7JU
25th Folk Northwest Concert, Edge Hill College, Ormskirk.
Details and tickets from

February 2019
22 – 25 Deunen & Deinen

April 2019 
4th Lymm Folk Club with Yesterday’s Men.
Sea Shanties and Songs of the Sea with some of my songs thrown in too.

May 2019
4th House Concert Stroud, Gloucester
17th Folk at the Barlow, Edgeworth Lancs. BL7 0AP. (with The Melrose Quartet) : phone: 01204 852216
18th – 19th Whitby
31st -2 June Wirral Folk on the Coast

June 2019
2nd Wirral Folk Festival
14th -16th Rosses Point Sligo, Ireland. WIld Atlantic Festival

September 2019
5th Hungry Horse Folk Club
17th The English Music Folk Club, Costa Blanca Spain

Contact Gerry

Contact Gerry by email at or call her on 07739 025660.

© Gerry Ffrench 2015